Family Membership Pilot


In June of 2012, the Ohio District was given permission by the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees to participate in a Family Membership Pilot currently being tested in the New England District. At our 2012 District Convention in Boardman, Ohio, Governor Bill Snellgrove led a Workshop to educate our members about the Family Membership Program. The link below will allow you to view the Presentation made at our convention.

Click here to open a PDF copy of the August 2012 PowerPoint Presentation.

Please note that this program applies to the second and third members of a family residing at the same address. Current members can be converted to Family members by completing a form and returning it to the Member Services Department at Kiwanis International. Please note that conversions must be completed before the deadline for submitting your billing roster for the upcoming year. That date is currently October 10th. The link below will open the conversion form.

Click here to open a PDF copy of the Member Change form to convert to Family memberships.

There has been concern expressed by some members of the Kiwanis International Board that a club could potentially convert members (or add new family members) without passing along the dues savings to the individual family member. The Ohio District has sought to alleviate this concern by obtaining a club's acknowledgement that the savings would be passed on to family members by way of reduced club dues for those members only. This form is to be completed and returned to the District Office only. Do not return it to Kiwanis International.

Click here to open a PDF fillable copy of the Club Family Member Participation Form.

Finally, 2011-12 District Governor Bill Snellgrove has prepared a letter and Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Family Membership Pilot. Reviewing this material should answer most, if not all, of your questions concerning the program. If you still need additional information, please call us in the District Office at (614) 848-5000 Extension 201 or use our toll free line at (888) 827-8196 Extension 201.

Click here to view Governor's Letter and FAQ Sheet.

We are extremely happy that the Kiwanis International Board has seen fit to give us this additional tool for membership growth in the Ohio District. Thanks for your support and please remember to forward a copy of your conversion request and/or a copy of the application for any new family members you might add as a result of the program.

Dave Whiteman
District Secretary
Ohio District Kiwanis